Bingo – Electronic

Playing Electronic Bingo

E-Bingo is the electronic version of Regular Dabber Bingo. Electronic Bingo is offered on electronic terminals (Gecko) with touch screens making it easy to play – and to win. The cards automatically dab themselves allowing the customers to socialize during their event. Players still have the option to play paper bingo or both. The same Bingo Game is played on Paper and Electronic.

Gecko Packages are available in two different tiers at all sessions except for the Regular Carnival Sessions (Fri – Sun Mornings and Mon-Wed Late Nite Sessions):  Gecko Tier 1 Package – includes a 6 Strip Regular Book and a 3 Strip Special Book; Gecko Tier 2 Package – includes a 12 Strip Regular Book and a 6 Strip Special Book.  (Separate purchases are required for Turbo Challenge, Lightning Bingo and Double Action Games.)  Gecko Packages save customers money – approximately $20 cheaper to play Electronic than paper for the same package listed above.

Please note that the Gecko Packages only include Regular and Special Games.  Separate purchases are required for Twoonie Pot, Lightning Bingo, Turbo Challenge, Double Action Games and Upik 8.

POD Games and Tap N’ Play Games are also available to be played on the Gecko Terminals.  After logging in, press the [POD Games] button.













Getting started with E-Bingo
An individual wanting to play E-Bingo will go to the sales counter and purchase a Gecko package and/or a Gecko Package and additional credits.  The individual will then select a 4 Digit Pin Number.  A paper receipt is issued that has a Player ID number on it

Logging into the E-Bingo Terminal (Gecko)
The customer will sit down an E-Bingo Terminal and touch the screen.  The customer will be prompted to enter their Player ID # (the large number found on the sales receipt) and password using the keypad on-screen.  After successfully entering in the Player ID # and password, the individual is ready to play Electronic Bingo

Purchase Extra Cards on the Gecko
The customer may only purchase additional cards provided that they have additional credits on the E-Bingo Terminal
If the customer would like to purchase additional cards for any games being played in the session, they press on the [Buy Cards] button.  All Electronic sales are final.  After a customer has purchased their cards, they press the [My Cards] Button to view their cards

Changing Options on the Gecko Terminal
The customer change the dabber style, colour, number of cards shown etc. by pressing the [Options] button

Playing Bingo
The customer needs to press the [Play Bingo] button to start session play.  When a customer is playing bingo, the E-Bingo Terminal automatically sorts cards showing the best card (face) in the top left of the screen.  Each card shown has a green or red ball in the top left of the bingo card.  The balll tells the customer how many numbers they are from a bingo.

Winning Bingo on the Gecko
When the customer has a Bingo, Bingo will be displayed across the screen and the red ball on the card in the top left hand corner now shows a B.  The customer needs to press the [Bingo] Button – and yell Bingo