Bingo Event Tickets

Bingo Event Tickets (commonly known as “Balls”)
The Break Open Jackpot Game is a progressive game where the prize grows each session depending on deals sold until it reaches the maximum prizes of $2,500.00. Designated Number starts at 3. Tickets are sold at all sessions except Morning Sessions (Fri-Sun and Late Nite Sessions (Mon-Wed).

The Break Open Jackpot Game has 4 prizes elements: Progressive Prize – Max Prize of $2,500; Jackpot Prize – Prize keeps growing until won; Regular Event Prize of $200 and 58 Instant Prizes totaling $92.00

At Morning sessions (Fri–Sun) and Late Nite sessions (Mon–Wed) a different type of Bingo Event Ticket is sold. There is a $150.00 Event Prize and Instant Prizes – no Progressive or Jackpot Prizes.

Game Play
A “Deal” consists of 600 Tickets. Each Ticket is sold for $1.00. In the Deal there are 25 “Hold Tickets”. A “Hold Ticket” displays 3 Bingo Balls. The caller announces that the Break Open Game will be held in conjunction with a bingo game in the program after all the tickets from the deal have been sold. Players that have “Hold Tickets” will dab the bingo balls on their “Hold Ticket”. The first player to cover all 3 of their bingo balls on their “Hold Ticket” wins $200.00. The Last Number called must be on the “Hold Ticket”. If the players dabs all 3 Bingo Balls on their “Hold Ticket” within the designated number, they also win the Progressive Prize.

Each deal contains a “Sealed Card” that consists of 10 sealed prize windows (9 windows say Sorry, 1 says Jackpot). The Winner of the $200.00 prize picks a window. A hall employee opens the window. If the prize windows says “Jackpot”, the player wins the Jackpot Prize. The Jackpot Prize increases by $75.00 for each deal sold when there is no “Jackpot” winner. The “Bonus” Progressive Prize increases by $25.00 for each deal sold up to a maximum prize of $2,500.00 Once the “Bonus” Progressive prize has reached $2,500, the designated number of calls continues to be three (3) for three full days of operation following which it will increase by one (1) number and continues to increase by one (1) number every three (3) full days of operation until the “Ball” Progressive prize is won! The designated number will increase by one (1) number at the “Late” session of the third full day of operation.