Bingo Event Tickets

Bingo Event Tickets (commonly known as "Balls")

Bingo Event tickets or “Ball Games” are pull tabs with a twist! Bingo Event Tickets contain 2 ways to win – instant winners and “Hold” tickets used to play along with Bingo. They are easy to play and fun to win! There are multiple themes of Bingo Event Tickets – a few samples are illustrated.

Instant Winners
Instant Winners– simply open the ticket and win instantly if the symbols inside the ticket match the winning combinations on the back of the ticket.

Game Play
A “Deal” consists of a certain amount of Tickets. (Amount of tickets various based on the type of ticket being sold). Each Ticket is sold for $1.00. In each Deal there are 25 “Hold Tickets”. A “Hold Ticket” displays 3 Bingo Balls. The caller announces that the Bingo Event Ticket Game will be held in conjunction with a bingo game (where all numbers must be called) in the program after all the tickets from the deal have been sold. Players that have “Hold Tickets” will dab the bingo balls on their “Hold Ticket”. The first player to cover all 3 of their bingo balls on their “Hold Ticket” and yells “Balls” wins the main prize listed on the back of the Ticket. The Last Number called must be on the “Hold Ticket”.

It is very possible that multiple deals of tickets will be sold during an individual bingo session.