Bingo – Paper

Playing Paper Bingo

At the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre, customers can still play Paper Bingo.  A Bingo Program at the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre is divided into different types of games – Regular, Specials, Lightning Bingo and Double Action Games.  (Lightning Bingo and Double Action require a seperate purchase)

For Regular Games, customers can select from a Single Strip Regular Book, a 2-Strip Regular Book, a 3-Strip Regular Book or a 5-Strip Regular Book.  The price and availability is determined by the weekday and time of the Bingo.  (Not all options are available all the time)

For Special Games, customers can purchase Single Strip Special Book.  A Single Strip Book consists a strip of all the Special Games (Rotating Hour Glass, Cambridge Bingo Jackpot, Ladder Jackpot, Big 10 Jackpot, Super Jackpot.  At the Regular Carninval and Jackpot Carnival Program, the  Regular Jackpot game is also included in the Single Strip Special Book

Single Strip Sales for Special Games are also available – Please see Bingo Program for more details

Bingo Game Guide Book for new players is available.  Please ask a Customer Service Representative.














Paper Bingo Products

Single Strip – A Single Strip is a card that contains 3 indivdual face cards on it.

Books – Regular Game Books  are available in a 1-Strip, 2-Strip, 3-Strip (as illustrated) and 5-Strip format.  Special Books are available in a 1-Strip format only.

Double Action Books – Each book contains 4 Seperate Games.  Special Pricing available when purchasing multiple books.  On a double action card each square contains two numbers – customer only needs one of the numbers dabbed for the square to count.

Bingo Dabbers – Bingo Dabbers are used to dab the Paper Bingo Products.  Bingo Dabbers are available for purchase at the Snack Bar.  The Charities receive 10% of the Gross Sales from the Snack Bar on a monthly basis.