Participation Requirements

Charitable Organizations benefit directly from the growth in revenues and player base at the Charitable Gaming Centres. As partner, Charitable Organizations are required to promote the centre and participate in initiatives developed by the Association to the best of their ability. In order to foster growth and support the centre and the Association Charitable Organizations, some participation is required.  Charitable Organizations must, at minimum complete two of the following participation requirements during a twelve-month period (Jan to Dec – Each Year). Failure to comply within prescribed timeframes will result in financial and escalation policies outlined in B.11 and C.11 of the Policies and Standards and may result in removal from the Association membership.

Must complete at least 2 of the Participation Requirements listed

  • Plan / participate in a charity event at the centre
  • Host an off-site cheque presentation with the Assoc. (their AGM, event, etc.
  • Attend or host a photo-op / chq presentation / media event at the centre
  • Reference the centre in Media Articles (Newspaper, Local News, etc.)
  • Tag the centre on Social Media posts
  • Promote the centre in publications (Newsletter)
  • Gaming Centre logo / site recognition on the organization’s website
  • Gaming Centre logo on the organization’s letterhead
  • Gaming Centre logo on their materials (poster / brochure / program / etc.)

Gaming Centre Logo Download

The Gaming Centre Logo can be downloaded to assist with your Participation Requirements

Participation Requirements Sign off

Sign off Sheet needs to be completed be each member organization and submitted