Turbo Challenge

Turbo Challenge is an exciting Shutter Board style bingo game that is played at intermission at the Jackpot Carnival Sessions (Afternoon Sessions – Monday to Friday and Late Nite Sessions on Sunday)

How to Play

  • Turbo Challenge consists of 10 individual games where your play for a “One Line” pattern.  10 Individual Games will be played prior to a session and 10 games will be played at intermission.
  • Before playing Turbo Challenge, be sure you have purchased electronic credits at the sales counter.  Select [POD Games] from the Main Menu screen.
  • Select the [Turbo Challenge Bingo] Icon.  After selecting the [Turbo Challenge Bingo] icon, Four Shutter Board cards will automatically appear.
  • Touch each card to unselect or deactivate card(s). You can play up to 4 cards at once. The cost of each card is $0.50
  • After selecting the cards, that you would like to play, you must then press the [Flashing Buy In] button to purchase the cards.
  • After pressing the [Flashing Buy In] button, the terminal will then show you your total purchase. You must confirm your purchase by selecting the [OK] button or if you want to make a change you press the [CANCEL] button
  • As each number is called, slide the corresponding number on your cards
  • After you complete a one line anyway bingo, you must select the [Claim] button and yell “Bingo”.  The caller will verify all winning cards and a winning message will appear if you win.
  • The process listed above is repeated for Individual Games 2 – 10










Turbo Challenge Progressive Prize

  • The Turbo Challenge Progressive Prize shall be awarded to the first player achieving a “One Line” pattern within the specified designated number.
  • The Designated number of calls shall begin at 4 numbers
  • Once the Turbo Challenge Progressive reaches $1,000, the designated number will increase by one number every 500 games played.