Upik 8 Game

Upik8 is a fun and simple game that gives you the opportunity to have numbers quickly picked for you – Quick Pick or You Pick your own numbers. This Bingo style game has 8 numbers that appear on a 3 x 3 card which you can play on paper or electronically. To win you must match all 8 numbers called by the Bingo Caller.

The number selection for each column are as follows:  Column 1: 1 to 25, Column 2: 26 to 50 and Column 3: 51 to 75

Paper Card – Upik8 Quick Pick paper cards can be purchased at the Customer Service Desk, where an electronic terminal will randomly pick 8 numbers for you and print on a paper card.

Electronic Upik8 Cards – To purchase an electronic Upik8 card, you must purchase electronic credits from a customer service representative.  At the Gecko terminal, using the electronic credits, the customer after logging can purchase Upik cards by pressing the [Buy Cards] button.  Two Options – Quick Pick or You Pick

Quick Pick Electronic Option  – The Quick Pick option will randomly select numbers for your electronic card.  If you would like to change the numbers selected simply press [Change Your Quick Pick Numbers.]  When you are ready to confirm your numbers select [Close]. Then to complete your purchase select [Buy] and then [Ok] to confirm.

You Pick Electronic Option – The You Pick option will allow you to choose numbers by touching them on the screen. Once the numbers are selected you will automatically be moved to the next column and number options.  For multiple cards press [Next Card] then once you are ready select [Close] then select [Buy] and then [Ok] to confirm it.