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The Cambridge Gaming Association is a non-profit organization that consists of approximately 80 Non-Profit/Charitable Organizations from the City of Cambridge.  The group of non-profit/charitable organizations participate in bingo fundraising assignments at the Cambridge Bingo Centre. The Cambridge Bingo Centre (as of September 2013) is an Ontario Charitable Gaming site with modern touch screen electronic bingo, electronic Play on Demand Games (PODs), TapTix and other exciting technology in a newly renovated facility..

Funds raised are used for the various charitable purposes of the membership and directly benefit local community programs in Cambridge, Ontario.

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Millions Dollars Raised

Media Celebration Event

Local bingo and gaming shares generate $1.6 million for charities – Mar 18, 2016

CAMBRIDGE – Local bingo players and gamers may have their eyes on the prize, but Cambridge charities and sports groups are among of the big winners, taking home $1.6 million in charitable funds.

In fact, 67 local charities, service organizations and youth sports groups have shared the funds raised at the Cambridge Bingo Centre since September 2013.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation marked the $1.6-million milestone Thursday (March 17) in a ceremony at the Elgin Street North bingo hall, before a crowd of representatives from many of the recipient charities, as well as a gathering of noon-hour bingo-goers.

Groups receiving funding include the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and More, service clubs and countless local youth sport organizations.

The funding, distributed to local groups via the Cambridge Gaming Association, serves as a life preserver for many of the local charities and organizations, says the association’s president, Glen Einwechter.

“A lot of them wouldn’t exist, I would think,” he said, following the ceremony. “Without it, there would be a lot less community engagement, a lot less kids getting into sport.”

Involved in the fundraising effort for local charities for nearly three decades, Einwechter knows well what a funding boost can mean for local groups.

“You couldn’t measure how much good this money does for the community.”


Province-wide, more than $106 million has been raised for charities and community groups through the lottery corporation’s charitable bingo and gaming program.

In recent years, those funds weren’t exactly flowing, however, as bingo centres suffered low revenues due to a number of contributing factors, one of which included the introduction of no-smoking laws.

The lottery corporation has since moved to reinvent the industry, adding new games, including electronic bingo and on-demand bingo-themed games.

Initially launched as a pilot project in 2005, under a partnership between the lottery corporation, the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association and the Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario, the e-bingo offerings has sparked new interest and continued to generate more funds for charities.

The Cambridge bingo hall, which was converted to an e-bingo site in 2013, has been reaping the rewards since.

“This initiative is making a big difference to many local charities who provide important programs and services,” said Lynn Cassidy, executive director at the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association.

Volunteer Training

Starting in March of 2020, we will be introducing Online Training for new volunteers.  The Training will now become a 2 Step Process.

Step 1 – Online Training Module
The trainee must read the AODA document prior to starting the Online training. The AODA Document is available on the Association’s website. After the trainee completes the online portion, the bingo coordinator for your organization will be notified by e-mail that the trainee is now eligible to do Step 2, Shadow an Experienced Volunteer Click on the image to start the Online Training


Step 2 – Shadow an Experienced Volunteer
The trainee does not take the place of one of the two regular volunteers. Shadowing is for the full Assignment time and the Shadowing Checklist must be completed. You will have three volunteers on duty: two regular volunteers plus the trainee.

Participation Requirements

Charitable Organizations benefit directly from the growth in revenues and player base at the Charitable Gaming Centres. As partner, Charitable Organizations are required to promote the centre and participate in initiatives developed by the Association to the best of their ability. In order to foster growth and support the centre and the Association Charitable Organizations, some participation is required. Charitable Organizations must, at minimum complete two of the following participation requirements during a twelve-month period (Jan to Dec – Each Year). Failure to comply within prescribed timeframes will result in financial and escalation policies outlined in B.11 and C.11 of the Policies and Standards and may result in removal from the Association membership.

Must complete at least 2 of the Participation Requirements listed

  • Plan / participate in a charity event at the centre
  • Host an off-site cheque presentation with the Assoc. (their AGM, event, etc.
  • Attend or host a photo-op / chq presentation / media event at the centre
  • Reference the centre in Media Articles (Newspaper, Local News, etc.)
  • Tag the centre on Social Media posts
  • Promote the centre in publications (Newsletter)
  • Gaming Centre logo / site recognition on the organization’s website
  • Gaming Centre logo on the organization’s letterhead
  • Gaming Centre logo on their materials (poster / brochure / program / etc.)
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Assignment Schedule

At the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre there are presently 24 Bingo  Events during the course of the week.  Monday to Thursday – 3 events per day (Afternoon, Evening, Late Nite) and Friday to Sunday – 4 events per day (Afternoon, Late Afternoon, Evening and Late Nite).  Charity Assignments are 2.5 hours long and volunteers are expected to be present at the Gaming Centre, 10 to 15 minutes prior to the Scheduled Assignment Time.  Assignment Schedules have been provided to each organization.  If you require a copy of your scheduled assignments, please contact the Charity Coordinator – cgacharitycoordinator@gmail.com

Assignment Times

  • 11:00 am to 01:00 pm
  • 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm
  • 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm
  • 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm
  • 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm
  • 09:00 pm to 11:00 pm
  • Volunteers should arrive at least 10 mins prior to their assignment time

Charity Fundraising Events – On Pause due to COVID

As per the Policies and Standards for Charities Manual, the Charitable Gaming Centre Association must conduct at least six charity related player acquisition events in a calendar year (Charity Nights, Fundraiser Nights, Volunteer Appreciation Nights, etc.). . Charity Events are an excellent way to introduce Charity Members, Family and Friends to Charitable Gaming at the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre and at the same time earn money for your organization. Charity/Fundraising Nights for the Cambridge Gaming Association are held in the months of January, March, May, June, September and November and occur on the last Wednesday of the Month – 7:00 session.  Participating Charities have raised over $15,490 from Charity Events.

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